Covid-19: A Second Opinion

PLEASE carve out time and watch this POWERHOUSE roundtable discussion in its entirety. Senator Ron Johnson hosted an expert panel with the best and brightest on COVID-19 and the experimental genetic vaccines today. It was bombshell after bombshell presented to the public. The intense discussions were DYNAMIC and emotional from start to end. A written …

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Announcement! A Special Event with Dr. Peter McCullough

NEW EVENT!  “Dr. Peter McCullough: Getting to the Heart of the Matter”  Fellow medical freedom fighters!  StoptheMandateMN is excited to announce our next partnered event with and in hosting one of the top world-renown experts on Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) – Dr. Peter McCullough.    Do not miss this incredible opportunity!  Not only will you learn from the best of the best, but you will also …

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Welcome to the Team, Connie Thach and Ann Sykora! is proud to announce two new contributing members for our fight for medical freedom and will be blogging on this site as well.  Ann (on far left) and Connie (on far right) are sisters and first-generation American-born citizens of Chinese ancestry. Their grandparents had to flee from war-torn China and re-settle in Vietnam. Eventually, Connie and Ann’s parents …

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