Better than Ivermectin?

A medication called Budesonide (Pulmicort) that is effective as a treatment for COVID, has been completely ignored by doctors, medical boards, and the media. Surprised?

I’ve been a respiratory therapist for 23 years. I’ve worked with patients of all ages and acuity and have a very good understanding of respiratory medications. Very early on in the pandemic, I noticed that people with COPD (emphysema, chronic bronchitis) were not typically ending up in the hospital with COVID . This was very surprising since COVID is a respiratory illness, that would, in theory, effect the COPD population in greater proportion. In the past, people with COPD were always at greater risk of falling ill with viral respiratory illnesses like influenza. The fact that I had seen zero COPD patients end up in the ICU, struck me as very odd. I decided to do some research and discovered a doctor in Texas who had the same question and was able to find the link. Budesonide!

You see, nearly everyone with COPD is on Budesonide prophylactically to inhibit inflammation in the lungs. Bingo! Dr. Bartlett, the doctor from Texas, did further research and found the correlation. In fact, there was a study done pre-pandemic on the original SARS virus that showed the drug could help stop or slow the ‘cytokine storm’ and it also was shown to lower ace-2 (angiotensin converting enzyme 2) in the lungs. There are studies that show Budesonide can inhibit the TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6 molecules, which cause inflammation and the dreaded cytokine storm. Ace-2 is the molecule in your body that helps facilitate the SARS-COV2 virus get into the cell and cause illness. The less Ace-2 in your lungs, the better.

Dr. Bartlett began prescribing budesonide as an early treatment and had notable success. Of course he was ridiculed and his discovery was censored. No surprise there.

Budesonide is a very safe and inexpensive medication. A months supply from my pharmacy was $10. It is so extremely safe that it is a common treatment for children and even babies with inflammatory diseases of the lungs, such as asthma. Before the pandemic, it was doled out like candy for anyone who came in with a respiratory illness. Why would doctors not use an anti-inflammatory medication to fight a disease that causes inflammation in the lungs, especially a safe and inexpensive one? Why would they ignore this medication and choose to use a novel and dangerous drugs like remdesivir instead? I think we know the answer. The decision makers didn’t want an effective treatment to get in the way of the rollout of their novel, so-called vaccine, AKA gene therapy. EUA would not have been granted for their grand experiment if a valid early treatment option had been discovered.

During my entire journey working through the pandemic, having been involved in the treatment of hundreds of COVID patients, I remember only one patient who was hospitalized who had been on Budesonide prophylactically. That particular patient had a history of asthma, required a couple days of supplemental oxygen, and was discharged home after recovering. A colleague of mine working at the largest medical center in the southwest had the same observation; very few, if any patients becoming critical with COVID, who were on daily Budesonide.

Personally, I used Budesonide when I contracted COVID and I had minimal respiratory symptoms. I was able to talk a few doctors I worked with at the time, into trying it on a couple patients, and I witnessed improvement, but the idea was squashed since it was not part of the ‘protocol’. Of course I cannot say for certain that the improvement I witnessed was due to the Budesonide, but it made 100% sense to me to use it and persuade doctors to utilize this potentially successful intervention. I also know of many people who were able to talk their doctors into prescribing it for them as an early treatment and they all had great success.

In my opinion, this is a crime! The fact that nearly every doctor went along with ‘the protocol’ without thinking outside the box and treating patients as individuals, is an atrocity. This is simply another sad example of the death of patient/doctor autonomy. Doctors chose to use a dangerous drug, remdesivir, and left many other great options in the cabinet in their lockstep approach.

“Go home, hope for the best. When your lips turn blue, come to the ER”. That is what patients were told, and for most that did come back, they were met with remdesivir and a ventilator. How many lives could’ve been saved if not for the lies we were told and the manipulation we endured?

Here are just a few of the studies showing Budesonide’s efficacy.

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