Full Recording of Aaron Siri Presentation Available

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. You can now watch Aaron Siri’s presentation from the September 10th event. This is a must-watch video, and it should be shared with EVERYONE! If you want ammunition to argue our stance against vaccine mandates, then get watching Remember to attend the MaskoffMN event on October …

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Fauci’s First Fraud

This week’s episode of The Truth Expedition gives you a look at Fauci’s First Fraud: the aids scamdemic. Fauci was front and center during the aids scam just as he was during the covid plandemic. The parallels are stunning. Remdesivir=AZT. Peptide T=ivermectin. The testing! Was the HIV epidemic a real epidemic? Listen to a conversation …

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Treason of the Experts: Covid and the Credentialed Class

I recently had the most amazing opportunity to have a conversation with Thomas Harrington about his new book, Treason of the Experts: Covid and the Credentialed Class. Thomas is professor emeritus at Trinity College in Hartford CT. He teaches Hispanic and Iberian studies and considers himself part of the ‘credentialed class’. His perspective on how …

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New Show-Dr. Makis/Siri Event Was Recorded

Real quick…my interview with Dr. William Makis is now available to watch. There’s a lot of important information in this episode. Please watch and share. I get absolutely nothing from these shows…not a penny. The only reason I continue is the satisfaction of knowing good and important information is being disseminated. As long as people …

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I Interview Aaron Siri on The Truth Hurts

Check out this episode of The Truth Hurts on Rumble. I knew Siri was an amazing person. I know his track record, but what I didn’t know is exactly how well spoken and engaging he is. I didn’t know the straight up amazing advice he’s willing to provide. I can not wait for his …

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Live Aaron Siri Interview on Thursday 8/31

I’ll be participating in a live interview with attorney Aaron Siri this Thursday, August 31st at 1:00 pm. I estimate Siri coming on at about 1:25. Aaron is the managing partner of Siri-Gilmstad. You may know him from his many appearances on The Highwire with Del Bigtree. Maybe you know him as the guy who …

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Mayo Employees Who Were Fired Need Help

This is just a short message alerting folks about what former Mayo employees are up to and how YOU can help. We’re all in this together and these brave people who refused to submit need our help. Here is a link to the givesendgo.

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