New Documentary: MUST WATCH

A new groundbreaking documentary to expose the truth many can’t bring themselves to believe or accept was just released. “Breaking the Oath” centers around Grace Schara, a vibrant, happy nineteen-year-old who was needlessly murdered On October 13, 2021 by Covid treatment protocols that were created to kill. Millions have been murdered in the name of …

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The Jab was a Military Operation?

I have the privilege and pleasure of having a candid conversation with Sasha Latypova in this week’s episode of The Truth Expedition. Sasha worked in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years and started to dig deep into what was happening with the covid jab rollout. You won’t believe what she discovered! …

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Cancer Prevention?

Last year, I read the book ‘World Without Cancer’. It was an eye-opener to say the least. Cancer is a leading cause of death in the US and even though billions are spent to fight it, it continues to kill millions. The corrupt medical system doesn’t want a cure for cancer. They want to cut, …

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Ticket Sales are LIVE for Aaron Siri Event

Please share this event with friends. Aaron Siri is the lead attorney for ICAN and has won some landmark cases in the last couple years. Most recently, he won a case against the federal government which will force Moderna to release their covid-19 vaccine trial data, which Moderna wanted to keep hidden for 25 …

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Hospital Killing Fields

The story of how Grace Schara was killed while in a Wisconsin hospital is horrific. Her father, Scott Schara, has filed a first of it’s kind, landmark lawsuit against the hospital and doctors. Listen to this interview to learn more about how hospitals are actually moving toward ‘collectivism’ and away from caring for the individual. …

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Liz Collin Exposes the George Floyd Lies

On the latest episode of The Truth Expedition, I have a conversation with Liz Collin and Bob Kroll. Liz is a former news anchor at WCCO in Minneapolis and Bob is the former union president for the Minneapolis police department. Bob was scapegoated during the Floyd incident and Collin lost her job at WCCO because …

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Interview with Pfizer Whistleblower

My interview with Brook Jackson, a Pfizer whistleblower is now available to watch on Rumble. Please share! Brook is a courageous hero. I admire her tenacity. I believe you will find this to be a very interesting conversation! Tune in next Monday for a conversation with Liz Collin and Bob Kroll and learn more about …

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Freedom Through Farming! SAVE THE DATE!

I wrote a blog awhile back titled ‘Farms, Food, and Freedom’ where I talked about the importance of regenerative farming and the decentralization of the food supply. You can re-visit that here I’m bringing this up again because I just had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Salatin on The Truth Expedition. Joel is ‘the …

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US Military Experiments on US Citizens

Is the ‘warp speed’, genocide jab the first time the government has conducted experiments on it’s citizens? No, it’s not. I’m sure there are many more examples, but the United States Military conducted top secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for years during the 50s and 60s, exposing them to radioactive compounds. …

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