Bill Gates and a Ride on the Lolita Express

William Henry Gates III. Who is this man? Is his career and path to success that of an idyllic “American Dream”, rags to riches stories? Is he a man who truly wants to help society through his philanthropic ventures? Who was Bill before his Microsoft fame; your favorite internet computer programmer turned billionaire philanthropist. The …

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Rally at the Capitol January 5th

We’re hosting a rally at the capitol on January 5th. We will be lobbying our legislators starting at 9am that day and we have conference rooms reserved to help facilitate our success. We’ll have materials available to give to your reps and senators. Stay tuned for exact meeting time and place that morning. Dr. Scott …

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Free tacos & live music! Medical Freedom Panel!

Please join us in Bloomington this Sunday, December 11th for a free taco bar, live music and an intriguing discussion regarding the current and future state of medical freedom in MN. There will be a special in-person panel discussion brought to you by Mask Off MN and partners at the Vaccine Safety Council of MN. …

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Mockingbird or Parrot? What is the Media?

Americans tend to look down upon N. Korea and it’s people as some oppressed nation where the people don’t know the truth about the outside world. We see all the layers of control and know that they’re being lied to about their own state of politics and we know that their worldview is blurred by …

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Fight the”Woke and Win!

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce this exciting night with Mike McCarthy and his presentation “Fight the “Woke” and Win!”, brought to you by This is going to be a great event to help enlighten you about the fight we are all in. This presentation will give some ideas on how to deal …

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Mike is BACK to keep up the fight!

Hey everybody! Just a quick little blog to keep you all informed. We hope that you were all able to make it to the Dr. Peter McCullough event last month. If you were not able to make it, we’re embedding the power point slides that Dr. McCullough used for the presentation. After taking a …

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Dr. Peter McCullough’s Presentation Available for Streaming

Hi Everyone, The Dr. Peter McCullough “Getting to the Heart of the Matter” event held back on Saturday, 1/22/2022, is now available for streaming on demand through our partners at MaskOffMN! You can download Dr. McCullough’s Powerpoint slides here. The message was informative and powerful, and the energy of the crowd was strong. The event …

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Caucus Tonight at 7:00 pm

Attend your local caucus tonight to help vote delegates and pass resolutions at the local precinct level tonight. You can find your local caucus here. Anyone can attend, and this is your chance to help propose or vote in resolutions that may help raise the awareness and bipartisan support in getting bills pass to protect …

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