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This is just a quick update to anyone who has signed-up for our newsletter updates. We’re working hard behind-the-scenes to get our newsletter-sending service setup and running. Once our account is validated we’ll begin sending out updates on the lawsuit , upcoming rally information and other important updates about this cause. In the meantime, please …

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Why I did this…

I am just a regular American trying to raise a family without governmental interference. I’ve ignored things long enough. For 18 months, I tried to tell people where we were heading and here we are. Nobody would believe me. Two weeks to flatten the curve? I knew it would be much much longer than two …

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Colleagues, Friends and Supporters, So very much transpiring quickly before our eyes. Continued notifications across Minnesota health systems and corporations that the clot shot is required for continued employment. Encouraged and inspired this week by a LOCAL man named Michael J Matt. He astutely articulated strategies for our mandate journey, in his recent podcast CANCELLING …

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EMAIL #3 – Unmasked. Unmuzzled. Unvaccinated. Unafraid.

Colleagues, Friends and Supporters,AMAZING!!!!!. The number of rally’s, gatherings, rumblings and connection amongst healthcare workers AND the supporting community has been outstanding. Seeking Hope? Desiring support as you feel alone? Wanting to connect with a community that understands your struggle? Empower. Called. ENGAGED with PURPOSE! Join us, wont you? You CANNOT do this alone. You …

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WOW!!!!!!! What a week….!!!!! I am trying to keep all up to date on details, events, numbers, key info from Greg Erickson and encourage EACH OF YOU to continue to RISE AND SHINE! We have one vicious fight in front of us and we ARE stronger together. May each of you feel richly, deeply blessed …

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Essential Hero to Expunged & Unemployed – Email #1

Friends, Coworkers, SupportersMy name is Pam and I am an RN here in MN. Volunteering my time to supportall of you, so that we have one uniform place to give our time/ resources andcollective efforts.I am writing to bring to your attention key information regarding the healthcarevaccine mandates as a condition for employment that are …

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