The Jensen Witch Hunt

From sociopolitical censorship on social media to medical censorship between a clinician and his/her patient, this censorship dogma is on an unending dose of steroids, loaded up with crack cocaine, and also boosted with the newest COVID19 bivalent booster. 

Dr. Scott Jensen is being witch hunted again, and this makes a total of five investigations regarding his medical practice as a physician, and he explains on his social media account that his medical license is at stake again.  This time it is involving the Attorney General office and Keith Ellison investigating the matter.  In his Facebook video, Dr. Jensen explains that none of complaints actually involves actual medical malpractice, but instead, are issues having to deal with complaints of him using his associate professorship title on his curriculum vitae, another complaint about his remarks comparing COVID19 to influenza, and another complaint about his remarks about natural immunity. 

But you can’t disagree with the narrative or propaganda, lest they will intimidate you until you bend at the knee, have you fired, revoke your medical license, and/or be unfairly smeared all over the internet.  Or, they’ll just pass a law to strangle your right to free speech.  California went as far as passing Assembly Bill 2098 which allows the state medical boards to discipline any physician who are deemed to provide false or misleading information regarding COVID19 – anything that’s contrary to the narrative or self-proclaimed “consensus,” that is.  It seems as though Californians aren’t allowed a “second opinion” when it comes to COVID19.  They’ll just pass a law to make sure you don’t get that.  Thankfully, the law is currently put on hold, known as a preliminary injunction, as five physicians are challenging this law, citing a violation of the First Amendment, and is pending a trial in court.

Dr. Jensen warned us – if it happens to him, it can happen to you.

In fact, this has already happened to Dr Peter McCullough and many other unnamed physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare clinicians who were fired for not taking the COVID19 inoculation and/or were intimidated or put on notice for any dissenting medical opinions.  Myself and Mark Bishofsky knows this all too well.

This type of oppressive and tyrannical move is not exclusive to the United States. 

Take, for example, Dr. Jordan Peterson, a well-known and respected Canadian clinical psychologist, who is being requested by the College Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) to take some form of social media re-education course (which he must pay for on his own account) with the intention to reverse some of his (conservative leaning) political remarks on social media and the Joe Rogan podcast.  Like Dr. Jensen, none of the complaints were about medical negligence or malpractice. This is a legalistic gesture of threat, intimidation, and smearing. All were baseless complaints in such that the complainer was kept in a guise of cowardly anonymity while Drs. Peterson and Jensen have to defend themselves without really knowing who their accusers are.  Dr. Peterson is openly sharing to the pubic all of the details regarding this entire legalistic fiasco set forth by the CPO. 

According to the video, Dr. Jensen will be doing something similar.  Hopefully, those who pay attention will realize the concerted efforts of so-called health-based or educational organizations and are at a blatantly political and ideological war against anyone who disagrees.

Please keep these clinicians in your prayers, and continue to support one another, and stand up for free thought and free speech – even if it feels as though you’re standing alone.

Psalm 97:11

Ephesians 6:10-17

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