What a week….!!!!!

I am trying to keep all up to date on details, events, numbers, key info from Greg Erickson and encourage EACH OF YOU to continue to RISE AND SHINE! We have one vicious fight in front of us and we ARE stronger together. May each of you feel richly, deeply blessed in knowing when you are wondering , Am I the Only One??? (great song by Aaron Lewis by the way, explicit version linked here)!

Wishing I could share all the affirmations and support from nearing a thousand of you….and I am just ONE person receiving info requests….. Feelings of Hope. Fear. Anger. Joy. Sadness. PURPOSE all within seconds of each other – anyone else recognize that cascade of emotion?

Here is what I know….

  1. We are FAST approaching 50 retained plaintiffs, the number needed for the firm to jump in and being gathering the theory and evidence to support their structure – 50 is what we needed to have gotten started, 100 is good, 300 is great, 1000 – power in numbers, standing together to FIGHT for our freedom! KEEP SENDING IN YOUR RETAINERS….remember, there are no guarantees to being represented unless you have retained the law firm.
  2. GO FUND ME. – has raised $1500 to support those who cannot afford the retainer! Keep sharing this has been incredible to see!!! THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE DONORS!!!! PLEASE GO SEE….it will lift your soul and THANK THEM if you know them!
  3. Someone has created a website to order “I STAND for MEDICAL FREEDOM” apparel!!! Link here
  4. We have CONTACT PEOPLE for you to reach out to at
    Allina[email protected]
    Fairview[email protected]
    North/Maple Grove[email protected]
    Would love to include YOU as a POC for your system…..please let me know if you can be this support person


  • SEND IN YOUR RETAINERS –(attached in a google sheets)
  • SHARE THESE EMAILS = BIG BROTHER is keeping me from sending mass emails and I am depending on you to help spread the word!!
  • CHECK OUT The Healthy American for INCREDIBLE info
  • We have a group working on literature / testimonies and data to assist MKE in gathering the plethora of information. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING PROFOUND to share – please send to [email protected]
  • IF YOU desire to HELP in some way message me at [email protected]
  • Join others on social media – AND BE PROUD, AND BE ACTIVE….
    Medical Freedom Central Mn;
    Healthcare Heroes for Freedom;
    MHF Health Care Workers;
    I am not on Facebook and would like to include these for your gathering, someone please share important groups with me


Couple of FAQ – questions in bold and answers from Greg Erickson in in italicized – (detailed FAQ found in this link to a google sheet)

Penny Wheeler CEO of Allina is married to a MN Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chutich. This IS an obvious conflict of interest and she will have to recuse herself when this comes “across her desk”

  • Our goal is to go to federal court. Our chances are better there. Even if we did go to state court, she would have to recuse herself from any decision. That’s standard policy. It happens all the time. You have judges who’s spouses are partners in big law firms and they have to recuse themselves from all of their cases._
  • I think the political leanings of the majority of the justices are a bigger concern than their desire to not anger a coworker. Her republican colleagues vote against her all the time._

Do I file a religious exemption?

  • This is not a substitute for a religious exemption. We would recommend filing those too if they apply to you. This will be to invalidate the mandate if your exemption is denied. We may include a claim that would invalidate an employer’s ability to deny the exemption too._

There are other law firms that are pursuing this suit also, isn’t it better if we all come together with power in numbers?

  • Truth. Power is in numbers. However, there are MANY of us and in that our voices will be heard. Feeling strongly about the historical record of MKE and their ability as the SOLE FIRM in MPLS dedicated to government and corporate litigation. WE have the BEST group! (CV of MKE firm found in google sheets)

PLEASE Send updates you have regarding rally’s, meetings, ideas….and THANK YOU for your patience in my reply as I am a night shifter still working while STANDING alongside of you.

Finally, for those with religious hearts;

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
“Plans to prosper you,
Plans to give you hope and a future.”
~ Jeremiah 29:11

Most Abundantly with Passion & Purpose,

Pam, RN

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