Colleagues, Friends and Supporters,

So very much transpiring quickly before our eyes. Continued notifications across Minnesota health systems and corporations that the clot shot is required for continued employment.

Encouraged and inspired this week by a LOCAL man named Michael J Matt. He astutely articulated strategies for our mandate journey, in his recent podcast CANCELLING AMERICA: Can the Constitution Survive Vaccination Passports? he emphasized that the time is NOW to build the largest possible coalition of resistance against this crazy, radical, disturbing maniacal, government that are trying to not just galvanize us, but to gain control of the whole world – with an unprecedented attack on U.S. sovereignty.

What’s really behind this clot shot? How do we lead with power? With the power of being PATRIOTS – a love of the father land and not the federal government.

Organizations propaganda is of fear instead of leadership….a breakdown in logic and common sense. FEAR as a means of control. FEAR and MADNESS is the PANDEMIC, and those who have succumb to this fear are perhaps victims of a some psychological operation as a way to control people.

He ends with an incredible song that I had already queued for sharing in this email, AM I THE ONLY ONE, by Aaron Lewis – bringing me gratitude for HOPE expressed in tears streaming down the sides of my face, much like spilled honey or sap from a tree, yet a profound sense of peace.

I HOPE you will listen also and find motivation to DO SOMETHING TODAY!


Pam, RN

Here is what I know….

~ There is a lot of steam being generated locally, across the state of MINNESOTA, as well as on a NATIONAL level – with their eyes on us! Many rally’s, many conversations, many phone calls, MANY of us….standing, aligned and focused on MANDATING constitutional rights.

~ Because we work better together, I have partnered with a strong PATRIOT who desires to ALIGN other like-minded Minnesotans to stop COVID-19 vaccine mandates. He has created a WEBSITE to connect us & share information more readily. While there is still some work to be done, the website, is committed to supporting Minnesotan’s with freedom and choice when facing medical mandates. PLEASE “JOIN” – if desiring to continue to receive these newsletter / email updates as we will be synchronizing my platform with his to unify, collaborate and give you HOPE!

~ GO FUND ME. – This is such a blessing. Many have reached out to inquire how this GOFUNDME will utilize & distribute its funds. With just over $3500 we will provide supplemental dollars to several who need help. It is necessary for those who desire support to also contribute to the retainer fee. Please send your request for assistance, 250 words or less, to [email protected] A panel of 3 will look at submissions and determine aid provided. Additionally – if you can spare….your support of $10/$25/$50 will help someone! There are so many of us and these dollars can add up fast!

~ “I asked my supervisor today how the process will go come Oct 1st. She said I’ll get a verbal warning Oct 1st with a week to comply and an LMS education. Then the 8th I’ll be written up and be put on administrative leave without pay. Each week I’ll get corrective action leading to termination. Everyone’s union contract is a little different so it’ll look a little different for everyone. So basically last working day with pay will be Oct 8th. for Allina regional contract ” from a stopthemandate participant.

~ FILE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS. Some systems ARE FEELING OUR HEAT….they KNOW that their system is overloaded and many are short staffed already. Having heard that a LARGE number are ready to walk has made a difference. **Allina recognizes and is beginning to open up their religious mandates.

MANY STAFF are acquiring APPROVAL** with this caveat; Approved exemption are subject to immediate change at Allina Health’s sole discretion if a determination is made that Allina Health can no longer uphold your request. Circumstances that may prompt Allina Health to reevaluate your request may include, but are not limited to the following:
1) Recommendations from Infection Prevention.
2) Other business considerations that may affect patient care.

BE AWARE – DO NOT GIVE SPECIFIC around your faith. it was discussed among some high level health system employees that those who included in their religious exemption application the inability to partake in any practice that included aborted fetal cells would then become the arguing point once the NOVAVAX was placed on the market as an option.

~ Did you know that Pfizer, CDC and THE WHITE HOUSE does not, will NOT mandate the clot shot for their employees!!!!!

~ We have CONTACT PEOPLE at your health system:

Allina – [email protected]
Fairview – [email protected]
North/Maple Grove – [email protected]
Childrens – [email protected]
Wyoming – [email protected]
Gillette – [email protected]

Would love to include YOU as a POC for your system…..please let me know if you can be this support person


Here are a few videos, nuggets of insight that I find unwaveringly valuable. I know you have yours too and I would embrace them

A Pathologists Summary – Dr Ryan Cole
The Church & Mandatory Vaccines– Charlie Kirk
Canadian Court Victory– Stew Peters
VICTORY – Liberty Council (Thank you Betty M.)
White Coat Summit & Religious Exemptions – Frontline Doctors
Top Medical Association, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons – Megan S.

~ Know of someone injured by the vaccine, have a personal story to tell about your own experience over the last 18 months? We want to know! Kenneth Ruettgers was personally impacted by the vaccine as is working with senators to get to the DC floor with a message of Our negative reactions need a positive Action Visit C19 Vax Reactions

~ Tell Governors and Legislators NO Federal, State or Local VACCINE PASSPORTS OR MANDATES.

~ **State Representative Erik Mortensen, District 55, is hosting a Nurse Town hall where hopefully 20-50 nurses can tell their stories and talk about why they support health freedom. Friday Aug 27th. IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT his office ASAP. In addition to this town hall meeting Representative Mortensen has drafted an amendment to OUTLAW vaccine mandates in MN and NULLIFY
federal vaccine mandates. Sign the petition to STOP VACCINE MANDATES




Couple of FAQ – questions in bold and answers from Greg Erickson in in italicized – (detailed FAQ found in this link to a google sheet)

1) What if the MNA – MN board of nursing mandates it? Will this suit supersede that?

~ This suit would demonstrate that vaccine mandates are unlawful in Minnesota, it would be difficult for them to require something that is unlawful.

2) Can an employer KEEP unemployment / vacation from us if they terminate us?

~ They can certainly try, but they risk big exposure on an unpaid wages lawsuit if they do it to a lot of people. They will spend more defending these suits than they earn by not paying them. As to unemployment, that would have to be contested in the courts also, but I have a hard time that a unilateral altering of an employment contract could be legitimate grounds for willful misconduct… I think it is a bluff, but it may have to be tested in the Courts.
3) Do we have 50 retained? I have been telling people that 50 was your launching point but 100 is better, 250 is great and 1000 would be ideal….let go recruit!!! Insight on that?

~ We are over 50, so that means we are moving forward. That is not a limit, that was a requirement. We want as many plaintiffs as we can get to strengthen our position.

4) People are reaching out to me to verify that you have received their retainers. Is there some way for you to communicate with each of us to let us know you received and are processing.

~ We are doing our best to match up the retainers with the list. A list of who has paid will be sent out soon.

5) Asking about deadlines….WHAT is the LATEST date that people can turn in their retainers….is it BEFORE Oct 1st? Is it before you file to halt the mandate….?

~ There is no longer a deadline, but people are going to want to join before we file. If a decision is made without them, they could be out of luck. This is not a class action. The decision will only directly affect the plaintiffs. It will have ancillary benefits for others, but only direct benefits for the members of the suit.

6) If the lawsuit extends beyond Oct 1st (which it will)…do you anticipate that those who have been retained will be able to continue to work until it is settled?

~ If we do not get an injunction prior to October, they can terminate you. We are hoping that our pleadings are persuasive enough that they will be concerned about wrongful termination suits and will hold off until it is resolved.


PLEASE Send me s[email protected] updates you have regarding rally’s, meetings, ideas….

May our sovereign nation continue to FLY the flag of FREEDOM, honoring our founding Fathers by never forgetting that we were established ONE NATION UNDER GOD, Indivisible with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. Heavenly Father please protect, guide and call each person to bring their gifts to the table – For I can only do small things, and they can only do small things, but together I know with your grace we can do BIG AMAZING things! Amen_

Most Abundantly with Passion & Purpose,

Pam, RN

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