Farms, Food, and Freedom

Centralized big government control of our monetary system (The FED), our healthcare system, and our school system have all shown to be destructive and inefficient. The printing press at the FED has been detrimental to the value of our dollar. The more the government sticks it’s long arm into our healthcare system, the higher the prices and the lower the quality. Our schools continue to fail our children as test scores get worse year after year. All of these institutions, and more, are under the control of a behemoth and out of control government, hell bent on power. They want to control your money (Central Bank Digital Currency), and your healthcare decisions. They want to co-parent our children, and they want you to eat crickets. We’re losing our grip on any real access to clean and healthy foods and it’s due to the overlord’s mission to gain total control and world domination. There is no easier way to achieve world domination than to control the food supply.

How has the centralization of the food system worked out for us? As recently as the 1950’s, almost 50 percent of the vegetables on American tables came from family or ‘victory’ gardens. We used to be connected to the land and to our food. We used to understand where our food came from. We used to know how to cook. Before the government and food producers began poisoning us with fluoridated water, glyphosate, genetically modified organisms, and processed ‘food like’ products, we had some self-reliance and food wisdom. Before all these poisons were served up and before our children were subjected to nearly eighty-four toxic injections, we had very few chronic illnesses in America. Before commercial farming and petro-fertilizers came into use, our soils had the capacity to sequester carbon. Before the American ‘lawn’ became the largest irrigated crop in the country, we understood the importance of real grass as a valuable bio-mass. Not that long ago, most of our food was grown close to home by small farmers. Four meat packers control nearly 85% of the world’s meat supply. One of them is owned by China and another by Brazil. This is a prime example of food centralization. Currently, the average distance your food travels before it hits your plate is 1500 miles. Independent family farms, that grow food close to where we live, are a threat to a global and centralized economic system.

Most of the corn grown in this country is used for something other than food, and nearly all of it is genetically modified and toxic. We modify the plant so that it can withstand being sprayed by a literal poison. There is nothing natural about this GMO corn and all the science and signs point to the GMO plants/seeds causing many different types of cancer, infertility, hormone issues, not to mention the total destruction of our valuable soils.

Have you wondered why globalist, Bill Gates, is the largest single land owner in America? Why does this control freak, and frequent flyer on the Lolita Express own about 260,000 acres of farmland with a value of somewhere near $1.5 billion? Control! Why would they be talking about food shortages and converting to cricket farms? Do we really believe that Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates will be eating crickets along with us peasants? Do they want more control over our food supply? If you control food production, you control society. Heck, maybe they intend to put mRNA tech into our food supply. They’re talking about that as a way to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Bill, if you read this, I’m not hesitant. It’s a hard NO!

We do have a major problem with our food supply and the problem is that it’s centralized. The problem is commercial farming and the notion that the only way we can feed the world is through mono-culture, chemical fertilizers, and food that comes in boxes. Soon, your only option may be synthetic, fake food. Fake food could soon become a $3 trillion market. Fake fat, fake meat, and fake milk is already here and it may soon be your only option as they continue to push farmers off the land. Just as they did with the bio-weapon they call a vaccine, they’re going to bypass any real safety studies on these fake foods. Buyer beware!

I would argue that we could mostly solve our environmental, healthcare, and economic problems if we transitioned to regenerative farming methods. Of course it would take some time to make this transition and we’d have to do it little by little, but we damn well better do something because our current path is unsustainable. We’ve depleted the soils so badly that our foods have half the nutritional value they did in the 50’s. We spray millions of tons of poisonous glyphosate on our fields every year. Well over 50% of the corn produced in America is used for ethanol and livestock feed. Sixty-three percent of the land in Iowa is planted with soybeans and corn, yet they have to import 90% of their food. This is ridiculous and everyone knows it, but yet, we continue. We feed our livestock corn while these animals are meant to eat grass. They’re called ruminants and they’re uniquely qualified to ferment grasses with their four chambered stomachs, which include a rumen. Feeding them corn makes them sick and leads to the necessity of using antibiotics to keep them “healthy”. This is pure ignorance. CAFO’s (commercial animal feeding operation) are a horrific example of where we’ve gone wrong. They’re bad for the animal, for our health, and for the environment.

We strayed too far from nature. We’re now a species that eats ‘food like’ products while staring at screens. With each passing generation, more valuable knowledge is ignored and lost. We must re-connect with nature! We need to de-centralize our food supply and become less reliant on the destructive nature of commercial farming.

If we want to be free, we’re going to have to start getting back to free market competition and that means leveling the playing field and removing the subsidies for crap like corn and corn syrup. We need to allow the free market to work within our healthcare system too. Lasik surgery used to cost thousands of dollars when it was covered by insurance. Now that it’s a cash procedure and not covered by insurance, you can get the surgery for a couple hundred dollars. That’s the beauty of free markets and competition. The same can be said about our public school system. They’ll quickly stop with their woke agenda if 80 percent of the kids are pulled from that failing system. Competition! Decentralization of our money supply is absolutely necessary. Let’s face it, digital money is the future and it’s coming whether we like it or not. I would suggest using digital currencies like Monero or Dero. These cryptos are private, decentralized, and have a limited supply. Our food production and distribution is no different. It needs to be decentralized for a number of reasons.

Over the last couple years, there has been a resurgence of people heading to the country to start a homestead or simply start a backyard garden. They’re doing this because they sense the wheels might be about to fall off the entire system. The controllers forced us to wear face diapers and threatened the livelihood of millions of people who did not want to take part in a dangerous ‘vaccine’ experiment. The deep state surveillance program is out of hand. Our economy is on a cliff. The same people who organized this plandemic are the same people who warn that our grid could go down. Our 5G society is full of facial recognition cameras, license plate readers, smart cars, smart cities, smart appliances, smart phones…the list goes on. All of this technology is connected to a wireless network that is gathering data on all of us. Sure, some of it is convenient, but you better damn well be aware that it’s all being used to control and manipulate every single one of us. All of this surveillance tech is ripe and ready to be used for the next crisis, whether it be a climate lockdown or another frankenvirus they may or may not release on the population.

Beyond knowing where our food comes from and the nutritional value it holds, I’d suggest taking it a step further. Grow a garden. Get some backyard chickens or rabbits. Go hunting. Do some canning. Teach your kids so that they can develop some common sense when it comes to food. Kids love dirt and their hunger to learn will become ravenous once they see the seeds they planted sprout, and emerge from the soil. Food is one of the cornerstones of our existence and I believe keeping our children grounded and connected to this ecology is of the utmost importance.

For the most part, we live in a society that is blanketed with concrete, wrapped with wires and fences, and jagged with towers and the brick and mortar of tall buildings. Our children are more familiar with where the ‘y’ button is on an Xbox controller than they are with which plants are perennials or annuals. As a society, we’ve become almost completely disconnected from nature and that can’t be good for our physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. I preach these words, all the while realizing that I’m guilty of letting myself and my family stray down this path to a certain degree. I’m sure there are a few people reading this who do live on a farm, and I am jealous of you! I will be planting a bigger garden this year. I plan on getting some laying hens and I will be getting out in the woods with a gun to procure some of my own meat.

I’ll be talking to experts about all of these subjects on The Truth Expedition.

Joel Salatin is a farmer from Virginia who owns Polyface Farms. He uses regenerative farming methods that have a zero carbon footprint. His animals are happy and healthy, but more importantly, they provide us with healthy meat. Joel and his methods were featured in the best selling book, The Omnivores Dilemma. He has been the focus of many documentaries, including the award-winning Food Inc. Joel is a public speaker and the author of a dozen books. His farm feeds over 5000 families, and supplies 50 restaurants as well as a farmers market. He is the High Priest of the Pasture and the self-proclaimed Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. He is all those things and is also going to be our guest on The Truth Expedition. Watch for this episode on April 17th! Follow my rumble channel here so you don’t miss out.

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