Freedom Through Farming! SAVE THE DATE!

I wrote a blog awhile back titled ‘Farms, Food, and Freedom’ where I talked about the importance of regenerative farming and the decentralization of the food supply. You can re-visit that here

I’m bringing this up again because I just had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Salatin on The Truth Expedition. Joel is ‘the world’s most famous farmer’. I first learned about Joel when I read the book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Joel was featured in that book and has been featured in more than a dozen documentaries, including ‘Food Inc.’ He’s the author of 15 books, with another in the works. His next book is titled ‘Homestead Tsunami’.

You can watch the interview here. Please forgive us for some technical issues. Joel has sketchy wifi and he was cutting in and out for a minute or two.

Joel owns Polyface Farms in Virginia. You can learn more about his farm and farming practices here.

I will be announcing an event that I am hosting with MaskoffMN and The Vaccine Safety Council of MN in the coming days. You will not want to miss this event. Tickets will go on sale very soon. The event will take place on September 10th at 3pm in the Twin Cities. We’re also working on details for a VIP experience. Our guest is amazing!

I donate my time to this project and am not looking to make one penny. That said, there are expenses involved with website maintenance, hosting events and rallies and more. If you’d like to chip in, you can do so here

I’ve been doing a lot of research on nattokinase and other ways to detox and defend against jab shedding. Look for that article to come out soon.

Don’t Tread on Me. Don’t Shed on Me!

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