KSTP Rally and Biden Rips One?

I am tired of being ignored by the media. When I started this mission, I had a vision of having big rallies at the capitol to bring attention to the media and the general public. Well, they’ve ignored us! We have 5000 people attend the rallies at the capitol and Fox News tells an outright lie saying only 200 showed up. We had a line of people almost 2 miles long walking peacefully to ‘our mansion’ and ending with an assembly in front of ‘our mansion’ with at least 3500 people and it’s not news worthy? What the heck? Why are they lying? Why ignore us? They simply do not want to help our movement grow. Why don’t they want the movement to grow? Is big pharma leading them along and telling them what they can and can’t report on? Bizarre! What a crazy world we’re living in.

They’ll not be able to ignore us this Saturday at 3pm. We need to make this rally as big as possible. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if we had 3000 people there? The exposure!!! The light rail continuously going past. All the traffic on University Ave. I wonder if they’ll come out and interview us? Let us please be peaceful and please bring signs if you have them, so that the public will know exactly why we’re there.

Dr. Neil Shah will be there to meet and talk with us and I am hoping Mike Murphy will be there too. We need to get to know these candidates so that we can make the right decision as to who should be our next governor.

Please please please spread the word for this rally. Grab a flyer off my facebook page and post it yourself. Tell all your friends. Teamwork my friends! I love all you good people and I am looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday. 3pm at 3415 University Ave SE, Saint Paul, MN 55114. There should be a decent amount of parking nearby, but another great option, which I may do, is parking at the Target on Hamline and University and taking the light rail to KSTP. Peace! Love! Freedom!

Mark Bishofsky

P.S. I have embedded a few interesting articles for you to browse. Biden rips a fart so long and loud…impossible to ignore? Google, Biden had bathroom accident at Vatican.



Finally, I will leave you with some links to interesting articles I came across.

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