Mark Bishofsky was born and raised in La Crosse, WI and moved to the Twin Cities after graduating from Western Technical College in 1999 with his respiratory therapy degree. Mark celebrates ten years of marriage to his wife, Lori, and they have three beautiful sons. Mark has since worked as a respiratory therapist, until last year, where he was faced with the Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) vaccine mandates from his employer. As an act of solidarity for those standing for medical freedom, Mark electively resigned from his beloved position as a highly respected respiratory therapist of 22 years. Mark’s conviction for medical freedom continued to grow and it inspired him to create which quickly amassed over 4,500 subscribers and counting.

Through his grassroots efforts, Mark’s movement received thousands of dollars in donations which have funded multiple rallies and protests, some of which had the largest attendance in the state and included the march to the governor’s mansion. Mark never expected to become the leader of one of the largest grassroots movement in Minnesota, nor had any intentions to become a politician. His tireless dedication and advocation for medical freedom made Mark realize how many voices of Minnesotans were left unheard. This revelation motivated him to run for House; to become a representative for all Minnesotan voices no matter what ethnicity, religion, and background each individual may have.

As a concerned father, husband, and former employee, Mark believes that our God-given civil liberties and bodily autonomy are being stripped away by government overreach. He is also concerned about how toxic, political rhetoric has caused division within families, businesses, and communities. Mark envisions a reunited Minnesota, and wants to ensure a future of safety and liberty for all Minnesotans. He intends to build back communities which are engaged with their public servants and to hold them accountable to wholesome public service. Mark also supports law enforcement and strongly believes in the protecting our Constitutional second amendment rights.

More information can be found on Mark’s campaign website. Please consider donating to his campaign so that he can continue fighting for us in an official government role. A $50 contribution can be at no cost to you if you are a resident of Minnesota! This MN campaign donation refund program is available for one candidate per year. If you donate $50, you will get $50 back within a few weeks (see video explanation below). If everyone who attended his rallies donated $50 to his campaign, Mark’s fundraising goal would be quickly achieved and that would allow him more time to focus on the current issues and connecting with our voices.

Mark has given hundreds of hours of his time to fight for us and has not earned a single penny! He is committed full-time to his campaign so that he can work towards winning this battle for all of us. Nobody will work harder than Mark!

Donate today! Let’s do this!

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