Mike is BACK to keep up the fight!

Hey everybody! Just a quick little blog to keep you all informed. We hope that you were all able to make it to the Dr. Peter McCullough event last month. If you were not able to make it, we’re embedding the power point slides that Dr. McCullough used for the presentation.


After taking a short break (actually not a break since he kept busy helping people navigate being ill with covid and helping them stay out of hospitals), Michael Toombs is back to take on a vigorous and active roll with Stop the Mandate MN. He is working on getting some rallies put together in May and June.

Mike was a critical force behind the founding of Stop the Mandate. Mike also quit his job as a respiratory therapist in an act of non-compliance against any and all mandates and the games the hospital systems were playing. Mike is one of the most courageous people I know in life and in this fight. He is not afraid to stand up and make his voice heard when necessary. Expect to hear more from Connie, Ann and Mike as we move forward in this battle for freedom. Stop the Mandate has always been and will always be a team effort. Our mission is to get people active, engaged and educated so that we can be a WE THE PEOPLE FORCE in this fight for freedom.

We expected this political capitulation from the left as they draw down some of their tyranny, but be wary and continue to stay involved because we know this battle is just beginning. A big takeaway from Dr. Peter McCullough was the statement that “things are going to get worse before they get better”. Stay alert and energized! Do not let your guard down. We need freedom and we must seek justice for the wrongs that were done.


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