Mockingbird or Parrot? What is the Media?

Americans tend to look down upon N. Korea and it’s people as some oppressed nation where the people don’t know the truth about the outside world. We see all the layers of control and know that they’re being lied to about their own state of politics and we know that their worldview is blurred by draconian propaganda tactics. They’re being spoon fed information to create some skewed reality.

The arrogance of Americans to believe that this could never happen here is a tragedy. We are definitely being spoon fed information that leads us to see the world in a particular way. Propaganda distorts the truth and the Smith-Mundt Modernization act of 2012 made it legal for our own government to propagandize us. The media is controlled by just a handful of people and we’re supposed to believe they aren’t in the pockets of our government. The messaging is so skewed to the left and anything other than the mainstream message is censored.

We know about Operation Mockingbird and the CIA’s infiltration of the media. We know they do this stuff and though they tell us that operation Mockingbird was shut down, did they just change the name of the bird? Is the media now nothing but a Parrot for the government?

Former CIA Director, William Casey is quoted as saying “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

The news media of today is not the news media of decades past, where truth was the food that kept their organizations healthy. While banks were being handed billions of dollars via the TARP bailouts, why didn’t the media report on the $16 trillion secret bailouts. The FED just printed money like an infinite supply of dollars wouldn’t hurt our economy.

Democrats better wake up soon! The left thinks this government gives a rip about them? When the government turns off your digital dollars because you’ve spent too many carbon credits warming your pool, what will you think? When we’re forced to live in ’15 minute zones’, like what they’re doing in the UK, how will that make you feel? Do you like freedom, or is that just some fancy word that sounds neat as you fill your head with lies and government propaganda spewed from a flickering box of lights? It all started with ‘factory style’ schools, where we answered to a bell while sitting in classrooms with neatly lined desks. This is where they tried to tell us what to think. This is where they homogenized our society and dumbed us down to a common denominator and squeezed out any individuality so that we’d be easy prey for their propaganda machine.

They allow aluminum in products that make us sick. They spray our food with poison. They create food deserts. They put one of the world’s most neurotoxic chemicals into our water supply. They do their very best to make us sick and dumb.

Here are some things the government doesn’t want you to know and that the media stays quiet about. 1. In 2011, 10 million Americans suffered a serious injury due to medical error. 2. Of those 10 million injuries, 2-4 million were caused by prescription drug us. 3. The 3rd leading cause of death in America is the medical system, accounting for as many as 225,000 deaths per year. 4. Every two years, more Americans die from the broken medical system than died in all of WWII. 5. Americans are 24X more likely to die from a doctor than a gun. 6. Every year in America, 106,000 people die from an adverse effect of a prescription drug. 7. In 2017, there were 80,000 deaths from infections contracted in American hospitals. 8. In an average year, 12,000 people die as a direct result of unnecessary surgeries. 9. Chance of getting cancer in the early 1900’s 1 in 20. Chance of getting cancer in 2019, 1 in 3. 10. Number of prescriptions filled in America in 2016 alone=4.45 billion 11. Big Pharma revenues from mass vaccinations=$25 billion 12. Americans spend around $329 billion each year on prescription drug.

All empires fail beneath a heap of lies and corruption and the greatest country in the history of the world is not immune to this outcome.

American politics is a filthy swamp; as dirty as it gets. The corporate media is an arm of the government leading us to a Corporatocracy, if we’re not already there.

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