Nattokinase for the Jabbed and Shedding Defense

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people who submitted to the experiment and took the jab and from people trying to defend against shedding. I did a deep dive and the following is what I’ve found.

Please understand that I am not a doctor and none of this is intended to be medical advice. Please use this information to make your own decisions.

A study that came from the University of Colorado has proven that shedding is occurring. Here is a link to that study.

Here is a quote from the study “we identified anti-SARS-CoV-2 specific antibodies eluted from surgical face masks worn by vaccinated lab members donated at the end of one workday. Consistent with the results reported by others, we identified both IgG and IgA in saliva from vaccinated individuals.”

The Covid-19 virus (if viruses exist at all, but that’s another story) has special proteins attached to its coating called spike proteins. The mRNA vaccines for Covid-19 are designed to make your cells produce this protein. The idea is that your body has an immune reaction to the protein and so becomes immune to Covid-19. As we all know now, the spike protein itself is a toxic danger and is likely a bioengineered protein. Once injected, the spike-protein making mechanism does not remain near the injection site, but travels all around the body in the lymph and the bloodstream. People who take the vaccine can shed these spike proteins in their breath, urine and feces, and possibly in their sweat.

An internal document from Pfizer revealed that, one can be “exposed to [the] study intervention due to environmental exposure,” including “by inhalation or skin contact” with someone involved in the study, or with another who has been exposed in the same way.

So, what can you do about it if you were coerced to take the jab? What can we do to defend against shedding? First, we really need to avoid being around those that have been jabbed, especially within three months of them getting poked. Next, AVOID TOXINS. The less crap you have in your body, the easier it will be for your body to take care of the spikes. You need to drink plenty of water. Your body is 99% water! Yep, 99% of the molecules in your body are water and around 70% your weight is water. You need plenty of water to flush the toxins. Almost everyone is dehydrated. I try to drink 8oz of purified water every 30 minutes. I know that sounds crazy, but what’s crazier is being dehydrated. Maybe you need to drink a little less and maybe you need to back off in the evening, like I do, so you’re not up all night going to the bathroom. Eat real food, not food-like products. Avoid processed foods and eat as much organic as you can. Avoid fluoridated water and toothpastes. Do not use artificial fragrances. Stay away from antiperspirants. These are all basic recommendations, but together, they play a major role in staying healthy in these crazy times.

NATTOKINASE! Nattokinase is a proteolytic enzyme that acts as an anticoagulant in your body. It has the ability to break down fibrin, which is responsible for clotting in the body. These Fibrinolytic agents are capable of dissolving blood clots that may block your veins or arteries. Nattokinase is an enzyme in natto, a popular food in Japan, where it has been a staple breakfast food for thousands of years.

A study done at the University of Chicago showed that when nattokinase was applied to blood clots at body temperature, the clots dissolved within 18 hours.

When red blood cells are injured, a thread-like web called fibrin forms around them. This process occurs naturally to stop bleeding, to form a scab, and initiate the healing process. As the injury begins to heal, the body produces another substance called plasmin, which breaks up and dissolves the fibrin. As a person ages, their body produces less plasmin. If fibrin is not properly dissolved, it can become a dangerous clot that leads to heart attack and/or stroke.

Nattokinase helps the body dissolve fibrin, and protects the cardiovascular system from life threatening clots. Nattokinase is four times more powerful at dissolving clots than plasmin itself. When included in the diet, it can help stabilize blood pressure, dissolve any existing clots and optimize the cardiovascular system.

This amazing enzyme also has the ability to degrade spike proteins. In a study published in the journal Molecules that investigates the effects of nattokinase, researchers successfully demonstrated that spike proteins degraded in a time- and dose-dependent manner when exposed to nattokinase. In a second experiment as part of the same study, researchers replicated the findings of a similar study in which nattokinase successfully degraded covid vaccine spike proteins in cells infected with SARS-CoV-2. In an animal study, a 500 mg/kg dose of nattokinase fully prevented a blocked artery. A study involving 12 men revealed that just one 2,000 FU dose of nattokinase enhanced the bodies ability to break up clots.

Most clinical trials use 100 mg of nattokinase (2,000 fibrinolytic units) either once or twice a day. One study involved 1,062 people with mild mild atherosclerosis. These trial participants took nattokinase at a dose of 10,800 fibrinolytic units (FU) a day for 12 months, which effectively managed the progression of atherosclerosis.

Nattokinase has proven to be perfectly safe if taken by people without existing blood disorders like hemophilia. No significant side effects have yet been reported in the medical literature when used without other anticoagulants. You would want to talk to your physician if you’re currently taking blood thinning medications like warfarin. Some of the research I looked at mentioned that pregnant women should not take this supplement. Again, this is not medical advice, so please do further research to determine if nattokinase is safe for you, and to find the proper dosing for yourself.

It is important to note that when taking these enzymes for fibrinolytic therapy they need to be taken on an empty stomach, at least one hour before or two hours after meals containing protein. If taken with food, the enzymes will be used to digest proteins and will not be absorbed into the blood to do their work as an anticoagulant.

There are other proteolytic enzymes that you should be aware of. Serrapeptase and lumbrokinase are also clot busters. I rotate the three different enzymes on a weekly basis so that my body does not become desensitized to any of them. Nattokinase is made by fermenting soybeans. Lumbrokinase is extracted from earthworms and serrapeptase is extracted from silkworms. Who would’ve ever thought that a worm might save your life?

There are other methods to protect yourself from shedding which I utilize. Herbs can be very useful in our efforts to maintain health. When I use herbs, I try to find liquid tinctures for increased absorption. White pine needle has been shown to help the body’s ability to break up clots. It has high concentrations of shikimic acid and suramin. Shikimic acid is known to have anti-platelet and anti-thrombogenic effects, preventing platelets from clumping together to from clots. It is also the precursor to a molecule called oseltamivir phosphate, the active ingredient in Tamiflu, which prevents viruses from entering the cell. Stinging nettle leaf contains urtica dioica agglutinin(UAD), which may bind to spike proteins and stimulates an immune response. It may also inhibit the spike from attaching to the ace2 receptor which allows it to enter the cell. Dandelion root is an excellent herb that might compliment nettle and white pine because of it’s ability to help liver function. It helps the body remove excess inflammation and supports the liver as it does it’s important job of filtering out toxins, such as spikes.

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