No Quitting! Keep Fighting!

The rally at the capitol followed by the Freedom Walk were just amazing. I really don’t have the words to thank everyone who came out. I have to admit, I was worried that turnout might not be great being it was MEA weekend. I was worried about the weather and worried that even if a lot of people came out, they might not all walk. I was concerned about agitators on our route. I was a little bit worried the police wouldn’t let us assemble at the mansion. Well, Saturday morning, I prayed good and hard and after my prayers, I had this feeling of ‘let it be’. Go and do the best you can because it’s out of your hands now. The good Lord was there for us. The day ended up being more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined. Twila gave an amazing speech, as did all the speakers. Suzanna, the jab injured lady was inspiring…what a sad story. She told me today that she was very thankful and felt healing love from the crowd. Thank you all so much. I have tears in my eyes typing this. The love and hope I felt yesterday will carry me well into our next event. I needed that. It’s a lot of work and a lot of worry trying to pull these things off, but it’s worth every second.

We must have had around 3500 people at the capitol (I am waiting for it to be 20,000) and even more were at the mansion. Many people only had time to show up there. Thing is…almost every single person that was at the capitol made the walk. That’s not easy as it’s almost 5 miles round trip. When I arrived at the mansion, I was so happy and relieved…”success”. We had a massive presence on the streets and so many people saw us and gave us good energy. The people can no longer see us as a tiny fringe group. We were peaceful and it really seemed that everyone was displaying there sign and free spirits in a very peaceful way.

I can not thank the St. Paul Police enough. They were so very helpful in so many ways. There was a time when I wasn’t sure we could do this, but the police officers I spoke with said “not so fast”. They told me what to do and how to pull it off and we did. They helped us on our route and they blocked the streets at the mansion and made our day all it could be. The proud boys were a wonderful addition as well and they stopped a domestic issue (side issue) from getting violent. Everyone walked and worked together. I can’t deny that I would have loved it to be 10,000 people, but I also can’t deny that I didn’t think that many people would walk. I’ll say it again…yesterday was one of the most fulfilling days of my life. I truly love all you freedom fighters and I am so happy I got to say hello to almost all of you. Please keep fighting with us. We are an amazing team and we are going to win. Keep spreading the word and telling people about our movement. We will continue to grow and by spring, we will fill that lawn at the capitol. One more time, THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

What’s next? Well, we are going to reserve the capitol rotunda for the start of the legislative session in late January and in the next few days, I will be working on details to do a “flash mob” rally outside a local news headquarters. Probably KSTP since that will be the best place to have lots of parking and easy access. Fox 9 and Kare 11 are located in industrial parks and parking would be a nightmare. It will likely be cold out, but warmth will come in our big numbers…body heat and freedom ‘fire’. I will keep you all posted on the details as I work them out. Thanks to all!

Love! Peace! Freedom!

Your fellow freedom fighter, Mark Bishofsky

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