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Very quickly, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Mark Bishofsky, the founder of Stop the Mandate MN. I became an activist back in August of 2021. On Monday, August 9th 2021, I was tucking my boys into bed and was watching them fall asleep when terror came over me. I had an image of the future and I panicked. I broke down in tears thinking about the horrible future my sons might have. A future without freedom? A future without bodily autonomy? A draconian future ruled by oligarchs?

I decided I was going to do something. Ironically, the very next day, a vaccine mandate was imposed on me in order to stay employed as a respiratory therapist. I had already worked through the entire pandemic without a jab and had already gained natural immunity. I was not going to roll the dice with an experimental gene therapy jab! I lost it! I decided right then and there that I was going to fight with everything I had. Fast forward a bit. I founded this organization and had a website built. I began having rallies and helped organize a lawsuit against the hospitals. I was on NBC nightly news and have been on several nationally syndicated podcasts. I then ran for state house of representatives. There is much much more to the story, but I don’t want to bore anybody with all the details.

I’m still unemployed after resigning in an act of non-compliance. I was calling out doctors for using their deadly remdesivir/early intubation protocol and speaking out against these mrna experiments. I’m pretty sure my career is over since I am the so-called whistleblower, but when one door closes, God is there to open another.

God has been good to my family. Although this journey has it’s ups and downs, I know I cannot stop. The children of this world need someone to fight for them. I will never stop. I refuse to stand still and allow my boys to live in a world that is dictated by a CBDC, digital ID, surveillance at every corner, carbon and social credits and so on. “By 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy”? Over my dead body!

Life is not a spectator sport. We are history’s actors and we need to take proper action to begin moving down a better path. We can either be sheep, or lions. We can kneel down to tyranny or we can stand tall. We can be compliant to the dictators of the world or we can be non-compliant. We can beg for our freedom or we can demand it. I’m a lion who will stand tall, be non-compliant, and I will DEMAND my freedoms. Please join me.

Please share this website with everyone you know so that we can all stay connected and so I can alert everyone to important news and events. Ask your friends to sign up for the newsletters and the blog. I’m not sure how long they’ll continue to allow me on social media. They’re squashing the truth.

Hopefully I will see you as I travel the state of MN this year hosting meetups for Action4Liberty.

God bless and see you all soon!


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