Present “fight the “Woke and Win”

Hello everyone. so excited about tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces. I hope you can attend and enjoy some food and fun. Again we will be starting food and drink service from 5:00 pm to 6 PM. The actual meeting start time again is 6 pm. I’m looking forward to our speakers who have a wealth of knowledge. Including Mike McCarthy, Adam Dommeyer, Mark Bishofsky, and very humbly myself. Thank You all for your support thus far. Please know the fight is not over with millions still losing their jobs and security and a looming grim outlook for the future. We need truth-seekers and truth soldiers to spread real information. this is one of our primary goals. hope to see you there.

Fight the “Woke” and Win!
Presented by
Mike McCarthy, Paul Revere Project
Hosted by
Stop the Mandate MN
Tuesday, May 10, 2022, doors open 5 p.m., 6-8 p.m. program
Village Sports Bar (Lower Stadium Rm.), White Bear Lake, MN 55110
The next time you hear “diversity, equity, inclusion” and “anti-racism” from your human resources department or see
your first grader’s schoolbook encouraging them to discover their real gender(s), instead of just thinking “That doesn’t
make sense!” you will understand what you are facing and know how to respond.
We are living in occupied territory. With stealth, the Woke movement has taken nearly all our institutions and levers of
power, in government and corporate America. By understanding the values and principles of the Woke we can better
anticipate their actions, defend ourselves, and counter them. By understanding the five steps that gave rise to the
movement (utopia promised, saviors anointed, power accumulated, propaganda unleashed, and scapegoats accused)
we can thwart the “victim” versus “privileged oppressor” game of victim-identity-Marxism. Uniquely, this presentation
shows how the Woke movement rests on four utopian promises: race utopia, sex utopia, safety utopia, and spiritual
(anti-Christian) utopia: each with its victims and “privileged” scapegoats, and each a socio-political ally of the others.
Finally, exploring why our children and teenagers are so highly valued by utopian tyrants, it will be clear why the today’s
battle lines are in our K-12 schools, public and private!
Armed with this knowledge, contacts for effective engagement, and with over a dozen specific ways to fight back now,
you can fight the Woke … and win!

Mike McCarthy founded Free Thinkers Today (FTT) in
2020 as an independent association, not affiliated
with a political party. The Paul Revere Project is one
of Free Thinkers Today’s initiatives. Mr. McCarthy is
a student of the social-political Woke movement, its
rise to power, and its potential threat to
“fundamentally change” America.
Mr. McCarthy’s career has spanned elections
administration, energy economics and regulation of
environmental, energy and telecommunications
industries. He has served as Georgia Elections
Director and as Minnesota Assistant Elections
Director, implementing Federal and State election
law and training local election officials. He holds a
B.S. in geology, an M.S. in economics and has
additional post-graduate training in administrative
law. Mr. McCarthy currently lives in Stillwater,
Minnesota. He is engaged full time with Free
Thinkers Today and its projects

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