The Children! Give them a Voice for Choice!

Are they coming for the children now? Will they mandate this jab for children? Are my homeschooled children going to be protected and given the choice to refuse? Am I, as a parent, going to be able to make decisions for my family, or will the government and it’s long arm make that choice? How much government is too much? I, for one, do not need a ruler! I am confident that I can make the proper choice for my children. I know them and love them. When the government starts mandating this or that…when they start teaching politics in schools, it is time for people to wake up.

The founders of our country would be furious! This is no longer a government of and by the people. Governing is being done by unelected bureaucratic agencies. The first amendment is being violated. We no longer have the same freedom of speech nor do we have freedom of the press. The media has become the megaphone for big pharma. How much revenue is provided to the big networks by big pharma. Can the media really report the full truth? Would big pharma not pull their ads if the networks started telling the truth about the ‘vaccine’ and started talking about the real risks and actual effectiveness. What kind of world are we living in where natural immunity is no longer a thing?

What kind of world are we living in if we’re going to start testing new drugs on children? These beautiful little creations from God have a 1/1,000,000 chance of dying from covid. Their risk of being struck by lightning is 1/15,300 in their lifetime. Their risk of dying in a pedestrian accident is 1/556 in their lifetime. Should we just put them in a bubble and never let them leave the house? Is this any way to live? I refuse to sacrifice my freedom or that of my children for a little temporary safety. The further we go down this road of tyranny, the more upset I get. The harder I want to fight. It is so upsetting.

Please join me at the MN Department of Education tomorrow, November 3rd at 3pm to stand together to say NO. A resounding “HELL NO!” The address is 1500 HWY 36 in Roseville. There is plenty of parking nearby. (Target is 3 blocks away). Bring signs! Bring your kids. Bring your voice! Also, bring a jacket. I really hope we can fill up the sidewalk so that when these bureaucrats leave work for the day, they will see the force that is against vaccinating (medicating) our children. Thank you and see you tomorrow!

Mark Bishofsky

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