Things that make me fight harder!

Every single day, something happens that makes me want to fight even harder. These things intensify the fire burning inside to find the truth and spread the flames of freedom.

Last Friday was my last day at work and it was a day filled with mixed emotions. I really used to love my job but at the same time, I know I am doing the right thing by refusing to comply. The day started just fine and I started my duties by checking on some high flow oxygen equipment. I should note, that the sickest covid patient was fully vaccinated. I should also add that the last death at that facility from covid was a fully vaccinated patient. Anyway, I came out of a patient room and my medical director, a physician (hospitalist) approached me asking “is this your last day, I am really sad to see you go and we will miss you”. I replied with the usual niceties and followed with “could I just engage you for one minute with a question”. I asked him his thoughts on young people being at a higher risk for myocarditis after the vaccine vs dying from covid. I then asked, how can this make any sense to push this on these kids if the vaccinated are now known to contract and spread the disease just as easily as the unvaccinated. He was flustered. He would not engage. He said “I don’t have the bandwidth right now for this”, and we parted ways. As the day went on, many nurses expressed they’re sorry to see me go and, together, they offered to buy me lunch. I continued doing my work and was engaged by a few nurses in conversation regarding the vaccine…just a normal day. At about 1pm, two hours before my day was to end, my manager came in to work and said to me “your time is up here, it is time for you to go”. I did not understand. She could not provide me with any reason. I pressed her and all she could say is that she received a message saying to “get him out of the building; he is going rogue”. Wow, is all I could say. Really? She offered no explanation of what I did wrong. She would not tell me who my accuser was. The best I can deduce is that an MD, probably the same one with zero bandwidth, overheard me talking with a nurse and that he could not stand any negative talk about his precious vaccine. I am appalled. I felt horribly victimized, but you know what, it’s all a good thing. If I was energized and ready to fight before, I don’t even know what you call this. I am now raging with energy and conviction to fight and win this battle. You cannot even have a discussion in one of those buildings. These doctors are committing a crime in my opinion. If not outright murder, then unintentional ignorant manslaughter. They will not and have never been willing to even have a discussion about anything regarding the vaccine, HCQ, vitamin D, Ivermectin or budesonide. They will only provide oxygen and remdesivir. They spend a total of about 5-10 minutes in the patient room and they call it a day. If a patient requests Ivermectin, they say no. That’s it. When they decide to intubate a patient against the advice of the respiratory therapist, they don’t even make that decision on their own. The consult a doctor 15 miles away, who has never laid eyes on the patient and let them make the decision. This all makes me sick and it has caused more than just myself to resign. Witnessing and being a part of that system is killing my soul. I simply cannot do it anymore. My decision to fight as hard as possible was the right decision.

Being coerced to take a vaccine and being ridiculed for trying to debate science have taken their toll. I have had exactly enough. I am confident that more people are waking to the truth and asking the right questions, but do not count on doctors to do so. They cannot step outside the persuasion of groupthink. They are unable to ask questions about this vaccine and they’ve accepted the lies for so long, that to concede to the truth now would be too embarrassing. They call Ivermectin, a Nobel Prize winning human drug, a horse de-wormer. They can’t even bring themselves to converse or debate the subject. These doctors offer no real treatment other than remdesivir and oxygen. Remdesivir? Really? They can use that as an emergency use drug, but not Ivermectin, even if the patient requests it? There are doctors getting fired for prescribing Ivermectin.

I can also comment on how the administrators at my previous employer are complicit in all this as well. My direct manager is against this vaccine and mandates, but stays silent. I tell her to watch Stew Peters or The Highwire with Del Bigtree, but she says she is too busy. Really? Too busy? Take a look at my life. I am as busy as anybody, but I make time. I will always make time to find the truth, especially while we endure the most disruptive event in modern human history. Oh hell, why find the truth? I cannot believe it. They don’t want to see or hear anymore information to convince them of the truth because it will make moving forward as a pawn for the evil doers more difficult. The president of the hospital is a conservative thinker who is also against mandates but publicly says nothing about it. He pushes the vaccine in his weekly newsletters. These administrators put out information that says the vaccine is 2.4 times more effective than natural immunity. They flat out lie. They love their positions of power and their paychecks, though they claim they’re just concerned for the patients. I call bullshit. If they had concerns for the patients, they’d try to maintain adequate staff for the patients to be cared for. These people are delusional and some day, very soon, they’ll have to confront their own morals.

I suppose I am preaching to the choir here. Anybody subscribed to this blog is already awake. We drink the truth while the opposition drinks the kool-aid. We are not afraid. We will not give up our liberties for a little temporary safety. Please continue to stay active and fight the good fight. I promise I will never stop. Even after we win this battle, I will continue to fight to maintain our freedoms. Thanks to each and every one of you and remember to show up on October 23rd at the MN state capitol at noon. Twila Brase and Dr. Scott Jensen are two of the speakers in addition to a few other amazing people.

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