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The world is and has been in danger due to an illness proliferating the planet. This illness is much worse than covid and it’s called mentacide. It is a crime against the human mind and spirit. It involves a systematic effort to undermine and destroy human values and beliefs while replacing them with new and destructive beliefs. The ruling class uses intentional division to divide the population into groups and subgroups, which are easier to manipulate. They use regular people who unknowingly carry out these sinister tasks. Only deluded men and women regress to the childlike state of submissiveness and obedience and turn over complete control of their lives to politicians and bureaucrats. The ruling class is not immune to delusions that augment their power and no delusion is more powerful than the delusion that they can and should control every aspect of our lives. Folks, we must not let this happen. We must stop it in it’s tracks. You are here and you are immune to this mentacide. Be the light that shines and helps others to see the light. Help to wake those that are slowing coming out of this slumber and realizing things are not right. Be the effort that grows this grassroots movement and changes the world.

Today (October 3rd), come to Cowboy Jack’s in Minneapolis for “Meet the Doctors”. Dr. Scott Jensen, Dr. Matt Scott, Dr. Bob Zajac, and Dr. Aaron Williams will share their wealth of knowledge to clarify what is happening. I will be there to learn from and support these good people. Event starts at 3pm.

On October 23rd, we will have another protest at the Minnesota State Capitol. Dr. Scott Jensen, Michael Matt from Remnant TV, Doug Wardlow (GOP Attorney General Candidate) and hopefully Twila Brase (Twila is not 100% confirmed at this very moment) will all be speaking. The protest starts at noon. After the protest, we will have a freedom walk to the governor’s mansion. Our goal is to be seen by the public and to have people join us and our movement. We want to show the world we are not a small group. The media says we had 200 people at the last protest when there were nearly 5000. I intend to have a chain of people holding signs from the capitol all the way to the mansion. We will need nearly 4000 people to accomplish this, but it would be great if we had 10,000. Can you please help to spread the word. This will be extremely powerful and healing to spread our message and lovingly free energy. I hope you are all well!

Mark Bishofsky (founder of stopthemandatemn)

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