Upcoming Events and Thoughts

There are few events coming up that I want to make you all aware of. First, there is a rally in Rochester MN on this Wednesday, November 3rd from 11am-1pm (Event is located at Peace Plaza downtown Rochester). I will be there to speak and support the good Rochester folks in their fight for freedom. Dr. Matt Scott will also be there to say a few words and so will Michael Toombs. Michael is my main team member with stopthemandatemn and has been an extremely valuable source of knowledge and courage for me. Michael and I have been friends and colleagues for many years and we both resigned from our positions as respiratory therapists within 2 weeks of each other. Michael is an amazing human being and has a lot to say about this tyranny we are all fighting.

There is another event on November 3rd from 3-5:30 at the MN Dept of Education (1500 HWY 36, Roseville MN). November 3rd is Nationwide Shutdown day! Please do your part and walkout if you can! We will be rallying for the children at the Dept of Education and giving them a voice. We all know they’re going to be coming for our children with the experimental jab very soon. MaskoffMN and The Vaccine Safety Council of MN will be helping with this rally. Please come and help us be a massive group so that we can be noticed. The children need us and we have no time to waste.

Another event is planned for November 7th from noon-3pm in Maplewood at 3M Corporate Headquarters (2501 Hudson Rd, Maplewood MN). I will be there with as many people as I can. I will bring my passion and love to support these good freedom fighters. Please come to all the rallies if at all possible.

The children need us! We all know that their risk of dying or even being hospitalized is tiny. 99.997 survival rate. Now they want to ‘test’ this experimental medication, or whatever you want to call it, on our children. I will not stand for this nonsense. The world is a scary place these days. People like you and I can shine a bright light on it and make it better. We must be united. This is a ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ movement for the ages. Lately, my favorite saying is…WE ARE NOTHING IF NOT TOGETER! Please continue to be irate and tireless. Spread the truth. Be the power that empowers. Lastly, I want to say again, I love you all. Thanks for being part of team freedom and tell all your critically thinking friends to sign up at the website and subscribe to this blog.

Peace! Love! Freedom!

Mark Bishofsky

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