Welcome to the Team, Connie Thach and Ann Sykora!

StoptheMandateMN.org is proud to announce two new contributing members for our fight for medical freedom and will be blogging on this site as well.  Ann (on far left) and Connie (on far right) are sisters and first-generation American-born citizens of Chinese ancestry. Their grandparents had to flee from war-torn China and re-settle in Vietnam. Eventually, Connie and Ann’s parents and grandparents escaped communist takeover of Vietnam and immigrated to America.  Growing up in America, they were often reminded that freedom is not free, instead paid for at a high price of hard work and sacrifice, and are stunned by recent events in our nation where much of it has been reminiscent to the communist regime that their family risked their lives fleeing from.  They are both passionate advocates for medical freedom as well as for the protection and preservation of our God-given liberties. 

Connie Thach is a Christian, works as a nurse practitioner, and lives in Lakeville, MN with her significant other, his daughter, and two rescue cats.  She enjoys road trips, time at the range, fishing, gardening, hiking, cooking, reading, and spending time with family.   

Ann Sykora works as a researcher in industrial nanotechnology with a background in chemistry.  She lives in Hudson, WI with her husband, a pet Dobermann, and four Old-Style Siamese cats.  She loves wildlife and enjoys reading, cooking, dog training, bird-watching, dabbling into too many hobbies, and was a former Siamese cat breeder.   

Connie and Ann will be contributing to our website and helping coordinate events and rallies for Stop The Mandate MN.

Be on the lookout for exciting announcements coming soon! We will be announcing a big speaker event this week!

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