Why I did this…

I am just a regular American trying to raise a family without governmental interference. I’ve ignored things long enough. For 18 months, I tried to tell people where we were heading and here we are. Nobody would believe me. Two weeks to flatten the curve? I knew it would be much much longer than two weeks. I tried to start conversations about the ‘lab leak’ theory and I got called names and was booted from Facebook. I even had doctors that I work with laugh at me and say “what does it matter anyway, it’s here now and we have to deal with it” Oh my! What difference? The most disruptive event in modern human history and it doesn’t matter where it came from?

I told everyone that experimental and potentially dangerous vaccines were coming. I tried to explain that not only would they mandate vaccines, but that they would initiate vaccine passports. They all said “no way, nobody will allow that”. Well, those people that said nobody would allow that, are the same people telling me it’s my fault I’m losing my job. They say “it’s your fault, all you have to do is get the vaccine”. It is incomprehensible…the ignorance!

I tried advocate for my patients by suggesting the doctors try vitamin D, HCQ and Ivermectin. I even mentioned quercetin and zinc. They refused, and since then, they treat me like I am just a crazy conspiracy theorist. Imagine being on your death bed, on 100% oxygen and barely maintaining life. Now imagine asking the doctor if they could just please give you some Ivermectin and that your are not concerned about any risks or side effects. If you imagined that they’d give it a try, you are wrong. They say no and walk out of the room. The patient-doctor relationship is dead. The decision making for treatment comes from a bureaucratic agenda, not a critically thinking doctor at the bedside. It sickens me.

I held many dying hands. I tried to give my patients some sense of peace in their last moments. I spent dozens of hours at the bedside, risking my life with inadequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and no vaccine, so that human beings would not have to die alone. It was heartbreaking. There are no words. I shed way too may tears and lost countless hours of sleep. I remember every single one of my patients and I tear up now thinking of them. Their deaths were tragedies that did not need to occur.

Since my employer’s mandate was released a couple weeks ago, it has been a whirlwind of emotions…fear, anxiety, anger, exasperation and exhaustion. I wondered what I could sell my house for. I wondered what would happen to my beautiful children. I crawled into a desperate hole and waited for the public…the men and women of this great country to stand the hell up and fight for what’s right. Nobody was doing it. I approached my administrators, who actually do not believe in the mandate, and asked them why they would not stand up. I asked them when their morals would trump their paycheck and all I get is political spin. I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

On August 10th, I was at work, in distress and all of a sudden it hit me. Enough trying to convince the sheep! I decided I was going find every single freedom loving patriot and I was going to make some change. I gave my phone number to one person and asked that they give it out to those in the same position, and text “vaccine” to the number. Within 20 minutes, my phone was rattling. I gave it to a few more people and it spread like wildfire. Then, I made a sign and some flyers and picketed outside of a hospital. I got more and more texts…hundreds. The momentum was incredible. I didn’t even know where exactly it was going, but I knew I was sick and tired of bitching and wondering. It was time to take charge. I held a rally with 600 people and was able to connect with gubernatorial candidates and other high profile individuals. I even got to talk to Stew Peters. It has been a hell of a ride and I AM ONLY GETTING STARTED.

I had this website created to bring like-minded people together. There are, no doubt, plenty of us patriots who know the scam and my intention is to find every single one of them in Minnesota. We cannot win this with a couple hundred people standing outside a hospital. We need thousands, and not just hospital workers. This is so much bigger than just one job and one jab. This is about freedom…freedom to work…freedom of mobility…freedom to eat at restaurants and much more. More importantly, this is about our children and their future freedoms. So YES, I intend to find every single Minnesotan to unite and arrive as ONE! We must gather, organize and demand that this ends, or ‘it’ is over. Freedom will be dead.

Please stand with me. Please be proud of your ability to question authority and see through the bullcrap. Please help me stop this. I am just one person and if I can accomplish this much in 10 days, I cannot even imagine what we could do if we all got angry and energized. Please join the fight!

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