25% of Americans Say the Jab Killed Someone They Know

Rasmussen reports recently conducted a poll asking Americans their thoughts regarding the covid vaccines. The results, though not surprising to those of us that have been doing diligent research, are compelling. Apparently, people are beginning to smell the coffee. Are the woke beginning to wake?

Rasmussen Reports, one of the most trusted polling firms in the US, polled 1000 Americans between December 28th and December 30th, 2022.  The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Almost half of those polled believe the experimental injections have been the cause of unexpected deaths. What’s most interesting is that 28% believe somebody they know was killed by the jab.

You can read all the results here https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/public_surveys/died_suddenly_more_than_1_in_4_think_someone_they_know_died_from_covid_19_vaccines

Maybe this explains why fewer than 4 percent of eligible Americans had received a covid booster within a month of it’s rollout?

With all the excess death and reports of horrific side effects, I believe people are beginning to wake up. We can only hope that the perpetrators and vaccine pushers will be held accountable for the harms they’ve caused. People were injured, lives were lost, and careers were destroyed due to the draconian mandates carried out by the real misinformation spreaders.

Politicians, pharma executives, media pundits, and bureaucrats have been spreading lies for the last three years. They changed the definition of a vaccine. They changed the definition of a pandemic. They told us these jabs were safe and effective before they knew anything. They said if you got the jab you wouldn’t get covid. Then they said you won’t get sick if you’re jabbed. They said you couldn’t spread the virus while all along they knew the vaccine manufacturers never tested for transmission. These are blatant lies. A majority of the covid hospitalizations are among the vaccinated. Excess death is skyrocketing and it’s not due to covid, the disease. There are articles all over the internet trying to explain away the fact that the vaccinated are getting sick. The government is corrupt, the pharmaceutical companies lie, doctors are now complicate, and the media is a propaganda machine for the covid cabal. What do these experimental jabs actually do to the immune system? Are the reports of Turbo Cancer true? Was the surge in RSV cases due to the jabs? How many people will die from these injections? Time will tell.

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