Freedom Convoy 2022!

Our Canadian neighbors have had it with the tyrannical grip Prime Minister Trudeau has had on their lives. On January 15, 2022, the Canadian government imposed a vaccine mandate that has affected Canadian and non-Canadian cross-border truckers. Truck drivers who remain un-inoculated must meet pre-entry travel requirements prior to entering Canada, which may include testing and several other quarantine requirements. With few exceptions, non-Canadians, such as American truckers, who remain un-inoculated will not be permitted to cross the northern border or enter Canada. As an act of solidarity and peaceful protest, thousands of Canadian truckers plan to form a convoy in Ottawa. A spokesperson for Freedom Convoy 2022 shared that not only will this protest be about lifting the vaccine mandates for truckers, but it will also be protesting other issues infringing upon their Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, one of which included having truckers wear a mask while driving their trucks! It is estimated that this movement could beat the current world record for the longest convoy. What started off as a grassroots movement has garnered over $6 million dollars in donations for food, lodging, and fuel! This comes to show the power of the people who unite and stand up to tyrannical government overreach.

StoptheMandateMN is excited to partner with MaskOffMN to have a FREEDOM RALLY! This rally is meant to demonstrate our support for our fellow Canadian patriots and will take place on Saturday, 1/29/2022, from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the 494 Pedestrian Bridge in Richfield, MN!

Bring your hand warmers, hot cocoa, and voice your support for our US-Canadian patriots!

WARMINGTON: ‘Freedom’ truckers may form world’s longest convoy | Toronto Sun
Government of Canada announces adjustments to Canada’s border measures –
Freedom Convoy – Freedom Fighter Nation
Fundraiser by Tamara Lich : Freedom Convoy 2022 (

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