Updates! KSTP Rally Reminder!

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We have a rally/protest tomorrow, Saturday Nov 20th, at KSTP-channel 5 in St. Paul. We will be there from 3pm to 4:30pm. The media has been ignoring us and they outright lie about the attendance numbers at our events so we’re bringing our peaceful message directly to their doorstep. Will they still ignore us? Perhaps, but we must try to gain their attention and some airtime. KSTP is located at 3415 University Avenue in St. Paul and the exposure to the public is perfect. Thousands of cars will drive by as well as the light rail system. We will be seen! Gubernatorial candidates Neil Shah and Mike Murphy will be there. Come and talk to them. Get to know them so that you can make an educated decision when it comes time to vote. Please bring signs to hold! MEDICAL FREEDOM! 

I am so excited to announce that Connie Thach and Haeen Sykora have joined Stop the Mandate MN as contributors and organizers. Connie is a nurse practitioner and Haeen is a chemist. They’re both being faced with mandates. Not only are they very intelligent, they are freedom fighting Christian patriots. They have the ability to teach us all and have great speaking voices. They both have relevant insight to help us navigate this tyranny.  You’ll see more and more of them as we move forward. Come and meet them tomorrow at KSTP. You can watch Connie’s appearance on The Stew Peters show in the link provided. 

I will be on the Ask The Nurses podcast this Tuesday, Nov 23rd at 8pm. They’re affiliated with the Front Line Doctors or FLCCC. I will then be on Lacy Johnson’s Bright Lights podcast on Wednesday, Nov 24th at 7pm. I may have a major announcement on the 24th, if the timing is right and all goes as planned. Please tune in. 

I want to thank you all for continuing to be a part of this fight. We must not waver! We must not slow down! We must remain vocal and courageous. The evil doers will keep pushing if we don’t stand together and stop them. 

Peace! Love! Freedom!
Mark Bishofsky
Connie’s Stew Peters appearance 

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