A Letter From the Future

The year is 2040. I am one of just under 1 billion people who live on Earth. The population has greatly diminished over the last two decades due to lab born viruses and extended economic collapse. About one-third of the population resides in “the cloud”. This concept is called transhumanism and it’s the way of the future. We’re able to communicate with them, the transhumans, online via the internet if we have biosecurity access. Plant life has been limited because of the massive amounts of heavy metals that were sprayed into the atmosphere to block the sunlight and combat global warming.

My grandchild just had a baby which was conceived via gene editing and grown artificially inside an incubator. Fertility rates have dropped to nearly zero so there is no longer natural birth of human beings. There are very few women or men, as most human beings are now non-binary. We’re basically equal now.

There are no longer “countries” in the world. We live beneath our great leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF). There is one world currency, religion, and government.

I live in a WEF issued pod within the confines of my 15-minute zone. 100% of the population now lives in “smart cities”. I’m “chip hesitant” and they’ve yet to mandate bio-metric chips, so I must wear my biometric bracelet 24hrs per day. Chips will be mandatory in the year 2042. If I take my biometric bracelet off, the authorities are notified. I must be careful what I think because my brain waves are being monitored, and I could be identified as a dangerous misinformation spreader, which could drastically lower my social credit score. If my social score goes below 8, the technocrats turn off my digital wallet and I’m only able to purchase essential goods. I have no job, but I get a universal basic income.

I’m provided with drugs and internet games to keep me from getting bored, since I’m considered useless. In order to enjoy nature outside the 15-minute zone, I need to apply for a permit since I’m not chipped. If granted a permit, I am able to visit nature for one hour but must be accompanied by AI robots who will monitor me. My chipped neighbors get to leave the zone twice per month without a permit. I do not own a car, in fact, private automobile ownership has been banned. I get my vack seen supply via the manufactured food like products that are provided by my oligarchs. There is no meat consumption, but rather we get by on crickets. Most foods are now produced in labs. We’re all equal now. We own nothing but we’re happy. The World Economic Forum has saved the world from the destruction of human beings.

Is this a fictional future or could this actually happen? We are well on our way to this dystopian nightmare. The global elites openly talk about it. “By 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy.” They talk like they’re God’s who can control all of humanity and turn this world into a transhuman technocratic hell hole. Let’s stop it from happening! If you’d like to support this mission with a small donation to help fund outreach, web maintenance, rallies and more, you can do so here https://stopthemandatemn.org/#support

I will not be looking my children in the eyes a decade from now saying “I could’ve done more”. Nobody is coming to save us. Life is not a spectator sport. We are histories actors and the actions we take now will determine how our history is written. Let’s make sure morals and common sense humanity are part of the story. Thank you!

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