Essential Hero to Expunged & Unemployed – Email #1

Friends, Coworkers, Supporters
My name is Pam and I am an RN here in MN. Volunteering my time to support
all of you, so that we have one uniform place to give our time/ resources and
collective efforts.
I am writing to bring to your attention key information regarding the healthcare
vaccine mandates as a condition for employment that are being delivered by
many organizations. Hold with me through the lengthy communication to
understand where we need to go and more importantly, HOW!


As you know this is a violation of our civil liberty. However as a private employer, your organization does have limited rights to place condition on your employment.

The law firm of Morhman, Kaardal & Erickson, P.A. (MKE) have identified that this is a FEDERAL case based on the conflict between term of employment vs personal liberty.

MKE is NOT filing a CLASS ACTION lawsuit as class action lawsuits are about suing for money. The case is specifically about restraining termination from our employer (ER) via the MN federal courts before the Oct deadline & to allow MKE time to enter the 8th Circuit Court of appeals (FEDERAL LEVEL) if we are unsuccessful at the district court level, so as to get a second shot at an injunction to halt the mandate.

NOTE – MKE is filing this under seal (as in keeping our names anonymous) so PLEASE forward the using Bcc

TIME IS URGENT. While many of us have until Oct 1st, it will take time for MKE to obtain the legal theory necessary to support the action. So the timeline looks like this…


POWER in NUMBERS. We must OBTAIN AS MANY retainers as possible! 50 was our to have the firm get started, 100 is good, 250 is better and 1000 would be FANTASTIC

~ FILE in MN appellate court the week of Aug 23rd

Key Documents to Review




NOT ELIGIBLE but feel compelled to help?

Not just doctors and nurses, but our health care unit secretaries, housekeepers, lab technicians, security….etc….MANY, so many want to be retained inside of the MKE pursuit, but cannot afford retainer fees….The more plaintiffs we have the stronger we become. The goal of these funds is to provide the retainer fee for all the health care workers who need it. GO FUND ME

INFO DIRECTLY FROM MKE regarding process and urgency

For those of you who haven’t spoken to me yet, we have been requested to provide a framework by which employees of various hospitals and hospital networks, both governmental and non-governmental can challenge the mandatory vaccine requirement as a condition of continued employment. For those of you who do not know us, we are a conservative law firm that regularly sues both governmental and non-governmental entities on behalf of individuals whose rights have been violated. We have two victories in front of the United States Supreme Court, and have countless victories in both state and federal court on such cases. That being said, when you are going to fight “the man” so to speak, whether it be a governmental entity or a large corporation, it is extremely difficult and costly and time intensive and previous victories are no guarantee of success in the present venture. The only possible way regular people can reasonably fight against these forces is to band together financially and contribute. If we are going to sue multiple healthcare entities we are going to need a significant retainer in the neighborhood of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). I am asking each of you to contribute one thousand dollars to this goal. If we are unable to meet our funding goal, I will return each of your retainers. Trust me, we are very successful lawyers and we are not going to take your money without suing the lawsuit out. Many of the people on this list represent groups rather than individuals, so the interest in pursuing litigation is very significant and I am fairly confident we will accomplish our goal.

That being said, a lot of people want to participate in lawsuits unless and until it costs them money and they have to sacrifice, so nothing is for certain. Some of you may have greater means than others and may be able to fund more, should it be important to you that we proceed. Our plan is to bring a joinder action in federal court if we can, state court as a backup if we can’t get federal jurisdiction, with all of your names under seal to protect you from reprisals from your respective employers. These reprisals are likely actionable, but who wants that hassle if they don’t have to. We will take the brunt of the blows from the progressive mob for all of you if we can. The action in broad strokes will be to strike down the change to your various employment contracts as being void against public policy to require such an invasion of your person, and get an injunction against your various employers prohibiting your termination for non-compliance with this illegal policy. In full disclosure, I am fully vaccinated because I’m a little overweight (some of my colleagues aren’t), but I think it is a wildly dangerous precedent we are setting here and I’m willing to put myself and my firm out there to defend your right not to have your person invaded with a treatment that has not been vetted by the FDA, nor is it possible to determine any negative long term effects of the various vaccines. For those of you that have religious reasons to avoid vaccination, your right to do so is self-evident under our state and federal constitutions.

If you are interested in proceeding forward, please execute the enclosed retainer agreement and send a check to my attention with your retainer. We do accept credit cards, but in full disclosure we are in the process of hiring a new office manager and it will be a bit of a pain… J Nonetheless, we can still do it. I hope we can get a critical mass and we can represent all of you, but if not, I wish you all the best of luck moving forward. Feel free to forward this along to your colleagues who share your views. I would like a headcount as soon as possible of who will participate so that we may encourage others to follow your lead, or let it go and I can stop investing time in this if it’s not going anywhere.

Gregory M. Erickson, Esq.
Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, P.A.
150 South Fifth Street, Suite #3100
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Email: [email protected]
Direct Dial: 612-465-0937
Cell Phone: 651-308-2510

PLEASE Send updates you have regarding rally’s, meetings, ideas….and THANK YOU for your patience in my reply as I am a night shifter still working while STANDING alongside of you.

Most Abundantly with Passion & Purpose,

Pam, RN [email protected]

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