Shedding is Real! Protect Yourself!

The way I understand this is that modified particles of spike proteins and antibodies, produced by the mRNA injections, can be shared amongst the general population via breathing, saliva, blood, or other bodily fluids. This is now a proven fact and Pfizer even admits it in their own documents. A study done in May of 2022 at the University of Colorado confirms that a majority of humanity has no choice in the matter of whether they want to join the Covid-19 jab experiment. The vaccinated have been transmitting antibodies generated by the injections through aerosols. I’m attaching three good articles here that talk about shedding. There is a link to the study within the first article


I believe the best defense is to avoid being in close contact with the vaccinated, especially for the first three months after the injection. This can be next to impossible for most people, so we need other strategies. Since I don’t have the time nor capacity to write a book, I’ll try to give my best suggestions in short form. I’ve been researching natural health for over 20 years and have studied functional health for many months now. That said, this is not medical advice! 


First, you will want to be in good general health so that your body can deal with the removal process of these foreign antibodies and proteins. In order to do this, you need to avoid as many toxins as possible. I always try to avoid fluoride, glyphosate, phthalates, artificial fragrances, pesticides, herbicides, aluminum and all other heavy metals, as well as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds found in carpet and other fabrics). Glyphosate is especially toxic and is listed as a probable carcinogen by the FDA. It’s in all wheat and corn products, unless you consume organic. Even the organic wheat and corn can have tiny amounts of glyphosate. Since it’s a water soluble molecule, it evaporates from fields and comes down with the rain. Glyphosate can be found at the north pole due to our water cycles. Our planet breathes and it’s exhaling glyphosate everywhere. Here are a few articles that talk about avoiding toxins.


Our mainstream, corrupt healthcare system has been recommending vegetable oils for decades. Even the term they use to describe these oils sounds healthy; vegetables, right! All these so-called vegetable oils come from seeds and they are toxic. Canola, sunflower, peanut, corn, and safflower, to name a few, are all seed oils. They contain an abundance of omega-6 fats. Omega-6 is a necessary nutrient, but we only need a tiny amount. They are very harmful to your health when consumed at the levels included in the Standard American Diet (SAD). To get to the heart of the matter, they contain a subtance called linoleic-acid which is destructive to our mitochondria and metabolic health. These oils are in EVERYTHING! Pretty much anything that comes in a bag or box in the supermarket has this toxin. From corn chips, to crackers, to bread, it’s almost impossible to avoid. Cook your own food from scratch. Use avocado oil, quality olive oil (most are adulterated with seed oils), or coconut oil. Avoid eating processed foods. Here are some great articles that describes how linoleic-acid can harm you.


There has been a lot of recent research on how a person can detox from the vaccine as well as protect against potential shedding. I have been taking a tincture of white pine needle, stinging nettle, and dandelion root for the last year. There is valid research citing how these herbs can be helpful. Stinging Nettle creates a superantigen on a stressor. It may inhibit spike proteins from replicating. In addition, it can create a superantigen to malformed proteins. White Pine is loaded with shikimic acid and suramin. It helps to prevent replication of viruses/spikes in the early stages by decreasing RNA-polymerase. In addition, it reduces platelet activation and aggregation. White pine also helps neutralize spike proteins and creates an antibody that binds to a superantigen. Dandelion Root is an excellent overall herb for detoxifying the liver. In addition, it decreases the ability of a spike protein from binding to an ace-2 receptor. It allows our bodies to eliminate inflammation by detoxing IL6 by stimulating the liver’s detox pathways. Here are some articles and studies about these herbs and their potential benefits for spike defense.


Dr. Peter McCullough recently declared nattokinase “holy grail of covid-19 vaccine detoxification.” He highlights an article in the journal Molecules, where they proved that nattokinase successfully degraded covid jab spike proteins in cells infected with SARS-CoV-2. Again, this is not medical advice and McCullough says this: “It will take up to 20 years to have a fully developed pharmaceutical profile to characterize the safety and efficacy of nattokinase in the treatment of vaccine injury and post-COVID syndromes. Large number of people are sick now and many believe empiric treatment is justified given sufficiently low risk of side effects and potentially high reward. My recommendation is to discuss this with your doctor or seek a specialist in holistic or naturopathic medicine who is experienced with the safety profile of nattokinase in a range of applications.” Here is a great in-depth article about the spike detox And here is another


Taking control of your health is more important now than ever. My amazing wife, Lori Bishofsky, has made it her mission to help people learn about real health and how to maintain it. As a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, she sees the impact of how a mother’s health before pregnancy, impacts the health of her children at birth and in their future. Lori is passionate about empowering people and helping them to live a healthy lifestyle.  She is currently going through a nutritional and fitness certification program through The FASTer Way to Fatloss. This programs focuses on a diet that consists of whole foods and is combined with workouts for any fitness level. She will launch her first round on March 13th and would love to help you reach your wellness potential! Sign up for her waiting list here:


I will be hosting my own podcast starting in April. I can’t wait to announce my first guest. I’ll be asking you for questions you’d like me to ask so that you can be a part of this expedition. I am naming the show The Truth Expedition. I am asking for donations to help support the start-up of the show so I can pay a studio engineer to professionally produce the content. My goal is to reach those outside our echo-chamber. If you can afford to chip in a few dollars, you can do so here.

As always, stay free, un-jabbed, and un-masked!

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