3M Corporate Headquarters Rally this Sunday

Short little blog here folks just to keep everyone up to date on coming events. Please join us for another medical freedom rally at 3M World Headquarters this sunday at noon. I will be ranting and Dr. Matt Scott will be speaking along with a few other great speakers (working on more). These 3M folks …

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The Children! Give them a Voice for Choice!

Are they coming for the children now? Will they mandate this jab for children? Are my homeschooled children going to be protected and given the choice to refuse? Am I, as a parent, going to be able to make decisions for my family, or will the government and it’s long arm make that choice? How …

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Upcoming Events and Thoughts

There are few events coming up that I want to make you all aware of. First, there is a rally in Rochester MN on this Wednesday, November 3rd from 11am-1pm (Event is located at Peace Plaza downtown Rochester). I will be there to speak and support the good Rochester folks in their fight for freedom. …

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No Quitting! Keep Fighting!

The rally at the capitol followed by the Freedom Walk were just amazing. I really don’t have the words to thank everyone who came out. I have to admit, I was worried that turnout might not be great being it was MEA weekend. I was worried about the weather and worried that even if a …

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Things that make me fight harder!

Every single day, something happens that makes me want to fight even harder. These things intensify the fire burning inside to find the truth and spread the flames of freedom. Last Friday was my last day at work and it was a day filled with mixed emotions. I really used to love my job but …

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Thoughts and Updates

The world is and has been in danger due to an illness proliferating the planet. This illness is much worse than covid and it’s called mentacide. It is a crime against the human mind and spirit. It involves a systematic effort to undermine and destroy human values and beliefs while replacing them with new and …

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Welcome and First Legal Update

Fellow Minnesotan’s and all Freedom Seekers, ­­­­We are getting hundreds of inquiries regarding the legal fight. Mr. Erickson cannot possibly answer every question so we will be providing valuable information via email. I will be meeting with Mr. Erickson on Monday. I will try to get all the facts/answers and have them posted on the …

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Email Updates

This is just a quick update to anyone who has signed-up for our newsletter updates. We’re working hard behind-the-scenes to get our newsletter-sending service setup and running. Once our account is validated we’ll begin sending out updates on the lawsuit , upcoming rally information and other important updates about this cause. In the meantime, please …

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Why I did this…

I am just a regular American trying to raise a family without governmental interference. I’ve ignored things long enough. For 18 months, I tried to tell people where we were heading and here we are. Nobody would believe me. Two weeks to flatten the curve? I knew it would be much much longer than two …

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Colleagues, Friends and Supporters, So very much transpiring quickly before our eyes. Continued notifications across Minnesota health systems and corporations that the clot shot is required for continued employment. Encouraged and inspired this week by a LOCAL man named Michael J Matt. He astutely articulated strategies for our mandate journey, in his recent podcast CANCELLING …

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